Get the look: Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger

Hey, I am back with another get the look. It’s rare for me to come across looks that are worthy of a get the look post. And when I do, it’s hard for me to resist.

I totally dig Gigi Hadid’s look for her Tommy Hilfiger photoshoot. She looks classy and young all at once! From the duster coat to the glossy booties this nautical themed look is perfection ❤ Here is how you can pull off this look without having to burn a hole in your pocket.


Get those high waisted white jeans.These are from Go Fab.


Find that black and white criss crossed stripes top. I just love this off shoulder number from Dorothy Perkins.


It’s hard to find a department store version of that perfect long coat that Gigi wore. But I found this one from Dorothy Perkins is as close as it gets.


Finish with some glossy black booties. These ones are from Truffle Collection.


That’s it folks… make this look your own and wear it with elan now!


Get the look: Parineeti Chopra in Gauri and Nainika

I adore what Parineeti Chopra wore to Sania Mirza’s book launch. Her Gauri and Nainika, feather print dress was a delight.


In terms of personal style, Pari has a long way to go when compared to her stylish counterparts like Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor. She is yet to figure out what she wants to project as a fashion idol.

Her look here however really worked for her personality. It is girly and sophisticated. It is minimal, and right on spot with the current fashion trend with it’s ruffled sleeves.

My advice to Pari is to keep it simple and ladylike as that is what works best for her. Preppy looks that work for Alia Bhatt or Shraddha Kapoor don’t do much for her.

The look is easy to pull off. So, here is how you can get your hands on this look:

Find a long sleeved white dress. Check this one from Harpa.


And pair it with vivid pumps like these from Carlton London.


And, you are good to go! Here is hoping to see more great looks from you, Pari!

5 Ways to look now!

There are new fashion trends and then there are those fashion trends that have made a comeback. Either way, what is the best way to flaunt the latest styles and manage to look like you have been styled by celebrity stylists? What does it take to define 2016 through our outfits? Here are some things that make up the fashion scene for the current decade.

1. Embrace woman empowerment


The current era is all about women empowerment. This has been getting reflected more and more in the fashion scene over time. We can spot celebrities make powerful statements rather than look plain feminine or dainty.

A woman’s strength has been coming through in so many ways. Defined shoulders, tailored trousers with dresses, structured jumpsuits, bold lips, etc., are all fashion trends that have subtly underlined women empowerment tagged to them.

So, don’t hesitate to take your pick of structured pieces for your wardrobe!

2. Adapt minimalism


Just like our smartphones and tablets that come with a single button, it is all about minimalism. Less is better, because Ease is the name of the game. No one has the time or energy to waste on piles and piles of accessories or layers.

A lot of our favorite celebs like Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner and Sonam Kapoor are making the headlines with  minimalism.

Take a leaf out of your favorite celeb’s book and wear that trendy white top over a pair of skinnies. Finish off with a statement jewellery piece for a casual outing, and you are good to go!

3. Go sleek


As technology continues to make the world a smaller place and the gadgets get sleeker, our fashion too has gotten sleek.

Try that clean cut jumpsuit or a neatly tailored trouser with that pretty dress. Make sure that your hair is smooth and sleek.

4. Cover up


Gone are the days when tight and short used to rock the scene. Throw those cringe worthy, tight, short clothes in the back burner. Skin show is passe. Highlighting your favorite feature of your personality is chic. Either go for a décolletage, bare those shoulders, try that thigh high slit or go for a cut-out top. Elegance is the key.

5. Get creative


Don’t hesitate to get creative. 2016 is about experimenting without going over board. Give that neon bright, kawaii bag a go! Or how about that cool body jewellery? Yes, go out of your way to try unique and stylish accessories!

The future of fashion is now and it’s time to embrace it in all it’s splendor!

Get the look: Sonam Kapoor In Harper’s Bazaar

I am in love with Sonam Kapoor’s looks for Harper’s Bazaar Bride, India, June-July 2016. Out of all her outfits I found this one to be fresh and interesting:
Move over dupattas, it’s time for jackets! I love how she styled the lehenga with a summery, flowy maxi jacket. It is a Minimalistic-Bohemian style! ❤ I think this is a wonderful idea for a friend of the bride to wear to a Mehendi or Sangeet cermony. A bride too can give this idea a try by going for bold colours and embellished jackets. Here are some of my picks that will help you rock this look yourself.
Find that pretty pastel coloured, high waisted maxi skirt. This one is from SVD ADA:
Look for a cute embellished white crop top that suits your taste. Here is one from Divaat:
Now for the most important part of this outfit. The jacket! Try to find a sleeveless, long, georgette printed jacket. If you can’t find a sleeveless one don’t hesitate to buy one with sleeves. You can chop off those sleeves later if you have to. Check out this one from Only:
Now if you want to make a real statement, bride or not, don’t forget that head accessory! This one from is cute for a friend of the bride:
Sonam Kapoor for Harper's Bazaar


The fact that the outfit is sugary, girly and airy has me swooning, because Indian wedding clothes are usually just the opposite. They are suffocating, heavy and bold. I think this look defines a trend for the upcoming wedding season. So gear up!

My favorite picks: Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 – India

Resort Fashion Week went by in a blur. It was full of pastels and fresh colours. There were a lot of off shoulder styles and a lot of sneakers!

My hands down favorite collection of the season was that of Rahul Mishra. He was the winner in my books. His collection was fresh, preppy, fun and most importantly, very wearable. It was like a breath of fresh air.



I am in love with Anushree Reddy‘s collection! It is amazing how she manages to make each collection so unique while staying true to her basic style, which is feminine, delicate and elegant.



Being an art lover and art critic, I find myself mesmerized by Payal Khnadwala‘s collection. The play of colours and layers have a Contemporary Urban Indian feel to them which I just loved. This is my favorite street wear collection.


Finally, I am Design had an interesting play of detailing combined with Indian handlooms which struck me.


There are so many, so many other collections for the season, but these are my favorites and I’m swooning over them ❤ All in all, that was one exciting season that went by. Do let me know your favorites in the comments below.

Get the look: Priyanka Chopra in Emmy

It’s a routine affair to get inspired by celeb street style and everyday casuals. So this time I picked Priyanka Chopra’s look from her photoshoot for Emmy magazine. Easy to pull off and chic. Anyone can rock this look.


I like how she combines the maxi skirt with a black and white jacket. I love the skirt’s colour. So, here is how you can get her look at a fraction of the price. These are my picks that you can flaunt on a day out on the Indian streets.

Find a black and white jacket, like this one from ITI, that suits you taste:


Then pick that beautiful flared maxi skirt. This one is from Cation:


Now buy a black crop top of your choice. Here is one from Faballey:


Find a pair of cute black peep toes to finish the look. Here is a pair from Cobblerz:


Get the look: Priyanka Chopra

And, you are all set to go! Love ya’ll…

Don’t throw those out of trend clothes yet!

Fashion has invented and re-invented itself over and over until it has reached that peak where everything is just pristine and perfect. There aren’t any major new or innovative trends happening anymore. It’s now all about remembering the bygone era and getting inspired from the past.

On the other hand, it is the age of DIY. Turn that worn out denim into distressed jeans. Turn your man’s old shirt into a shirt dress. And these are just a few low end DIYs.

In such an exciting time for fashion, don’t be hasty to toss your old clothes away. Because what is out of trend today could be back in trend tomorrow. Even better, you could turn it into something entirely different and beautiful. Also, you would have a heirloom to pass on to you children that they love!

Here is a live example of what I mean. I owned a pair of beautiful palazzo pants that I just didn’t have the heart to toss out. I saved it against all odds and my mother’s constant nagging to get rid of it. I myself wasn’t sure if I would ever wear it again. But, guess what? Palazzos are very much in trend again. To my mom’s surprise I wear them every other day and I get to say, “I told you so!”. My friends are envious of them and ask me where I bought them. I know that they will never find the same pair of pants anywhere again.

You don’t want to save them all and create an overloaded wardrobe. Instead, save your favorite masterpieces that you are sure to never have a chance to find again. You or your daughter would feel proud to be flaunting it after a decade when they are seen as trendy once again.


Post baby: Style Update

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to be like after having a baby? You might read every motherhood book out there and yet never know what it really feels like until you experience it. Because, let’s just face it, each baby is different. No two babies are the same. No baby follows textbook rules. Her baby sleeps through the night, while my baby wakes up crying every one hour. Cry it out methods work for her baby and they don’t work for mine. Let me give you a suggestion, follow your heart and just go with the flow without fretting too much.


Now, how does life change for the fashionista? This can be quite a predictable experience that all  mommies can resonate with, and for all you mommies to be, here are some pointers 😉

Observation 1: Chuck those danglers!

The most obvious – the long hanging earrings. They got to go or you risk having your earring tear up you ear (Ouch!) Babies love dangling objects. Babies love shiny objects. And guess what? Your earrings are a combination of both! So expect your baby to grab onto your earrings before you put them on.


Fix: Choose to accessorize with bracelets and ankle chains instead.

Observation 2: The mommy knot

Most people think that new mommies do up their hair in a knot to be hassle free. While that is partly true, the real reason behind it is that they want to avoid those ouchilicious, tiny, baby hands from grabbing onto their tresses and stressing them in the process. Let me tell you, if you always wanted to try that short haircut look, now is the time to go for it!

Fix: Do up you hair in easy updos. For example, do up a braided knot to look chic while being functional.


Her hair and her lips – Two thumbs up!

Observation 3: Those luminous lips


This one usually creeps up unexpectedly on new mommies.

You line those lips with perfection and carefully fill in that hot new shade of vivid red. Once you are all set to step out, you hold up your baby and swipe! Just like that, the red is everywhere. On your chin, your cheeks, those baby hands and baby face and in the worst case, all over your clothes. You look like you stepped out of a zombie show.

Fix: Avoid glosses and go for non-transferable matte lipsticks.

Observation 4: Heels?


I’m not talking about those super mommies who expertly trod on those needles while carrying a baby on their hips.

I’m talking about mommies like me who feel like their body is about to collapse under their baby’s weight. Heels are the last thing on my mind in such a situation.

Fix: If you have to, wear block heels, kitten heels or wedges.

Observation 5: Bags are for diapers

Gone are the days when I absolutely couldn’t do without that lip gloss, water bottle, matching shades, kleenex, comb, face wash, moisturizer, lip balm, hand sanitizer and cardigan stuffed into that large bag. All I need now is a diaper bag. Stuff my mobile and a lip balm into a pocket in the diaper bag and I’m done.



Fix: Carry a cross body bag for comfort, functionality and style!

Observation 5: Long talons

I think we tend to cut our nails the moment we hold our new born baby in our arms and realize how soft and tiny they are.


Fix: If you are a long nails fanatic who just can’t do without, go for shorter and rounded nails.

Observation 6: Conscious much?

Are you are the kind of person who is conscious about how her hair looks or whether your shirt is creased in social situations? Well, expect all of that to change. When you are a mom, such things don’t matter as much as your baby’s smile.

Fix: Wear non crease, easy maintenance fabrics like and do your hair in an easy style that can be re-done in a moment.

Those were just my observations, mommies. What all style changes have you experienced after having a baby? Do let me know in the comments below. Lots of love to you all.

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Shopping: Hottest Picks for the season!

Here is a power pack of all the trends for ss16 personally hand picked for you. Guess what? They absolutely won’t put a hole in your pocket. Trust me.

So here they are.

This paisley printed choker shift dress by missguided. I’m absolutely in love with this one! ❤ It’s so cute that it’s bringing tears to my eyes.


This sweet floral cold shoulder top by Femella.


This uneven hemline midi dress also by Femella:


This gorgeous top from TOPSHOP that combines two trends into one. Off shoulder and ruffles!


This navy blue cape style top by Miss Chase:



S/S16 by vinusha123 featuring tops

I am personally in love with each piece above. I think I’ll be buying the cold shouldered top by Femella. It is totally me. I hope you can find your pick too. Do let me know which one you liked the best!

Get the look: Kangana Ranaut in Gucci

If you like to look perfectly put together at work, this look is for you. Kangana Ranaut shows us how to make your boring office wear look chic and classy.


The look is completely put together right from the sunglasses to the sleek black pumps. I loved the cute bow tie shirt.

I have picked out all the pieces that make up this outfit to make it affordable and within your reach. Look like a million bucks at work and make your colleagues’ jaws drop in awe.

The first step is to find those well fitted trousers. Check out these trousers by Vero Moda:


And blazer by Globus:


Blue shirt by Lemon Chillo:

It is difficult to find a tie neck shirt that is as cute as Kangana’s. So here is a tip. Wear a blue shirt like this one by Van Heusen:


And add a plain silk/cotton scarf in the same shade as the shirt and tie it under the collar with a big bow in the front.

Sleek black pumps by Steve Madden:


Don’t leave the black bag, watch and belt behind:



Finally don’t step out without those black wayfarers:


Kangana Ranaut


Make sure that you complete the look by styling your hair and make up appropriately a la Kangana. I hope that you rock this look. Enjoy!