5 Ways to look now!

There are new fashion trends and then there are those fashion trends that have made a comeback. Either way, what is the best way to flaunt the latest styles and manage to look like you have been styled by celebrity stylists? What does it take to define 2016 through our outfits? Here are some things that make up the fashion scene for the current decade.

1. Embrace woman empowerment


The current era is all about women empowerment. This has been getting reflected more and more in the fashion scene over time. We can spot celebrities make powerful statements rather than look plain feminine or dainty.

A woman’s strength has been coming through in so many ways. Defined shoulders, tailored trousers with dresses, structured jumpsuits, bold lips, etc., are all fashion trends that have subtly underlined women empowerment tagged to them.

So, don’t hesitate to take your pick of structured pieces for your wardrobe!

2. Adapt minimalism


Just like our smartphones and tablets that come with a single button, it is all about minimalism. Less is better, because Ease is the name of the game. No one has the time or energy to waste on piles and piles of accessories or layers.

A lot of our favorite celebs like Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner and Sonam Kapoor are making the headlines with  minimalism.

Take a leaf out of your favorite celeb’s book and wear that trendy white top over a pair of skinnies. Finish off with a statement jewellery piece for a casual outing, and you are good to go!

3. Go sleek


As technology continues to make the world a smaller place and the gadgets get sleeker, our fashion too has gotten sleek.

Try that clean cut jumpsuit or a neatly tailored trouser with that pretty dress. Make sure that your hair is smooth and sleek.

4. Cover up


Gone are the days when tight and short used to rock the scene. Throw those cringe worthy, tight, short clothes in the back burner. Skin show is passe. Highlighting your favorite feature of your personality is chic. Either go for a décolletage, bare those shoulders, try that thigh high slit or go for a cut-out top. Elegance is the key.

5. Get creative


Don’t hesitate to get creative. 2016 is about experimenting without going over board. Give that neon bright, kawaii bag a go! Or how about that cool body jewellery? Yes, go out of your way to try unique and stylish accessories!

The future of fashion is now and it’s time to embrace it in all it’s splendor!


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