Don’t throw those out of trend clothes yet!

Fashion has invented and re-invented itself over and over until it has reached that peak where everything is just pristine and perfect. There aren’t any major new or innovative trends happening anymore. It’s now all about remembering the bygone era and getting inspired from the past.

On the other hand, it is the age of DIY. Turn that worn out denim into distressed jeans. Turn your man’s old shirt into a shirt dress. And these are just a few low end DIYs.

In such an exciting time for fashion, don’t be hasty to toss your old clothes away. Because what is out of trend today could be back in trend tomorrow. Even better, you could turn it into something entirely different and beautiful. Also, you would have a heirloom to pass on to you children that they love!

Here is a live example of what I mean. I owned a pair of beautiful palazzo pants that I just didn’t have the heart to toss out. I saved it against all odds and my mother’s constant nagging to get rid of it. I myself wasn’t sure if I would ever wear it again. But, guess what? Palazzos are very much in trend again. To my mom’s surprise I wear them every other day and I get to say, “I told you so!”. My friends are envious of them and ask me where I bought them. I know that they will never find the same pair of pants anywhere again.

You don’t want to save them all and create an overloaded wardrobe. Instead, save your favorite masterpieces that you are sure to never have a chance to find again. You or your daughter would feel proud to be flaunting it after a decade when they are seen as trendy once again.



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