Post baby: Style Update

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to be like after having a baby? You might read every motherhood book out there and yet never know what it really feels like until you experience it. Because, let’s just face it, each baby is different. No two babies are the same. No baby follows textbook rules. Her baby sleeps through the night, while my baby wakes up crying every one hour. Cry it out methods work for her baby and they don’t work for mine. Let me give you a suggestion, follow your heart and just go with the flow without fretting too much.


Now, how does life change for the fashionista? This can be quite a predictable experience that all  mommies can resonate with, and for all you mommies to be, here are some pointers 😉

Observation 1: Chuck those danglers!

The most obvious – the long hanging earrings. They got to go or you risk having your earring tear up you ear (Ouch!) Babies love dangling objects. Babies love shiny objects. And guess what? Your earrings are a combination of both! So expect your baby to grab onto your earrings before you put them on.


Fix: Choose to accessorize with bracelets and ankle chains instead.

Observation 2: The mommy knot

Most people think that new mommies do up their hair in a knot to be hassle free. While that is partly true, the real reason behind it is that they want to avoid those ouchilicious, tiny, baby hands from grabbing onto their tresses and stressing them in the process. Let me tell you, if you always wanted to try that short haircut look, now is the time to go for it!

Fix: Do up you hair in easy updos. For example, do up a braided knot to look chic while being functional.


Her hair and her lips – Two thumbs up!

Observation 3: Those luminous lips


This one usually creeps up unexpectedly on new mommies.

You line those lips with perfection and carefully fill in that hot new shade of vivid red. Once you are all set to step out, you hold up your baby and swipe! Just like that, the red is everywhere. On your chin, your cheeks, those baby hands and baby face and in the worst case, all over your clothes. You look like you stepped out of a zombie show.

Fix: Avoid glosses and go for non-transferable matte lipsticks.

Observation 4: Heels?


I’m not talking about those super mommies who expertly trod on those needles while carrying a baby on their hips.

I’m talking about mommies like me who feel like their body is about to collapse under their baby’s weight. Heels are the last thing on my mind in such a situation.

Fix: If you have to, wear block heels, kitten heels or wedges.

Observation 5: Bags are for diapers

Gone are the days when I absolutely couldn’t do without that lip gloss, water bottle, matching shades, kleenex, comb, face wash, moisturizer, lip balm, hand sanitizer and cardigan stuffed into that large bag. All I need now is a diaper bag. Stuff my mobile and a lip balm into a pocket in the diaper bag and I’m done.



Fix: Carry a cross body bag for comfort, functionality and style!

Observation 5: Long talons

I think we tend to cut our nails the moment we hold our new born baby in our arms and realize how soft and tiny they are.


Fix: If you are a long nails fanatic who just can’t do without, go for shorter and rounded nails.

Observation 6: Conscious much?

Are you are the kind of person who is conscious about how her hair looks or whether your shirt is creased in social situations? Well, expect all of that to change. When you are a mom, such things don’t matter as much as your baby’s smile.

Fix: Wear non crease, easy maintenance fabrics like and do your hair in an easy style that can be re-done in a moment.

Those were just my observations, mommies. What all style changes have you experienced after having a baby? Do let me know in the comments below. Lots of love to you all.

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