All about those shoulders

The biggest comeback trend for the season is to show off those shoulders. Whether it is by wearing off shoulder tops or cut out shoulder tops aka cold shoulder tops.


I remember a time long ago I tried buying closed necked tops and all I could find were off shoulder tops in some stores. It was a time when the off shoulder trend was so overdone it used to pour out of even the tiniest little shop.  Ugh…. let’s just hope that it doesn’t get to that. But, yes, off shoulders is rocking the scene once again. It’s not something new or groundbreaking, but a lovely comeback.


Sonam Kapoor in Ulyana Sergeenko

Bollywood celebrities are all lining up to catch on to the trend one after the other. Sonam Kapoor is once again the one to flaunt the look on multiple occasions

Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaur, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor have all tried their hand at the trend. Deepika Padukone was spotted wearing a white off shoulder midi length dress. The length of the sleeves and shoes are what ruin her look for me.


The style has also made it’s way onto the Indian runways giving it that desi allure.


Tamannah Bhatia was spotted wearing Anushree Reddy’s lehenga with an off shoulder blouse. Must say, the lehenga looks fab. However, Tamannah’s styling could have added so much more to the outfit. Her hair and make-up leave much to be desired.


Tamannah Bhatia in Anushree Reddy

Shraddha Kapoor wore a cut out shoulder white blouse with a fuschia maxi length skirt. She looks sweet and the look works well for her. I am a little inclined towards the cut out shoulder style I must admit.


Shraddha Kapoor in a cold shoulder blouse.

Reality Check:

Of course off shoulder looks great, but, how many of you are willing to sport one yourself? How would you style it, and how to find a style that you feel comfortable in?

tip number 1

If you are uncomfortable with wearing a top that is completely off the shoulder, there is the option of the cold shoulder top. It shows a fabulous slice of your shoulder. There are varying styles to suit your every need. That’s the best part about this trend.

tip number 2

Hold your shoulders back. Posture is everything for this style. Any slouching would make the dress droop making it unappealing, or worse cause a wardrobe malfunction.

tip number 3

Keep the accessories minimalistic. It’s what will make the style look today rather than back then.

tip number 4

Wear off shoulder blouses to add oomph to any Indian wear instantly.

tip number 5

Fit is everything for this style. Even a great posture won’t help a bad fit. It is easily prone to wardrobe malfunction. The reason that all those celebrities flaunt off shoulder tops with absolute confidence is because of the garment’s quality. So make sure you invest in a good quality, well fitted off shoulders top (even better if you can try it on before buying).

So, while off shoulders is totally hot, it might not always be the most feasible for Indian streets. It’s sister style – the cut out shoulder is your best bet for Indian streets.

Until next time.


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