Rebuilding your wardrobe


Are you 30 and still stuck with your college days wardrobe? You know it, your friends know it. It’s time to rebuild your wardrobe. We keep evolving as we age and we are not the same as we were yesterday. Our experiences keep adding up, shaping and moulding us constantly. In other words, it’s not what they show in the movies. A person is not all black or all white. We are each a different shade of grey.

You might have been a rebelling youngster in college. Wearing black all the time! Or you might have been a frolicking young girl. Wearing those girly dresses and lacy tops.



What are you today? I’m sure there has been a lot of change in your life and your personality. You might still be a rebelling youngster at heart, but you also might be a dedicated entrepreneur, or maybe a mother, or both! You might still love those girly dresses, but perhaps you want to make a more serious impression on the world?

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Maybe you have gotten into the rut of buying the same kind of clothes from your college days over and over again, merely out of habit. And maybe now is the time to rebuild your wardrobe to meet your current tastes and needs.

Rebuilding doesn’t have to be a chore. Let’s make it simple:

You don’t have to compromise on your original style

It’s not about completely chucking your old style, but about tweaking it. If you love your black leather jackets, keep them, but change the style of the leather jacket. If you are used to teaming the black jacket with all black, it’s now time to wear it with white!

Look within

Try to picture yourself from the point of view of the person in front of you. What do you see? Do you like what you see? What is it that you want to see?

Answer these questions to yourself and think deeply about the image that you want to portray to the world. It will tell you a lot about how you want to change your wardrobe.

Go for that dream outfit



If you have been wanting to try a certain style in a long long time but never got around to doing it, now is the time. Do it. Don’t be afraid.

Think about your current lifestyle


What is your current lifestyle like as opposed to your college days?

Surely there have been big changes. Dress to suit your current lifestyle. Are whites suitable for you or do you travel so much that black makes more sense?

When there are big changes in your life, get a feel of them. Rebuilding our wardrobe gives us a certain freshness to our mind that is unparalleled.


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