The meaning of fashion in a predominantly male world

My mind is whirring with thoughts and I have to get them out fast. So, have you ever wondered why we girls have to look like pin-up girls, while guys don’t?

There is a perception that the skimpier, the better. I’ve seen girls in freezing cold flaunting thigh high skirts. Why is it so? And who has made it so?

We don’t even see a man flaunting his muscles during the summers, let alone winters. Does a man have to bare his shoulders to look sexy, or wear thigh grazing bottoms on a date? Or, do you see men wanting to wear the shortest shorts possible? Nope. That’s just for the women.

A woman has to get a transforming make over, where she finally reveals her womanly curves, to gain popularity. Pop culture had made sure of that. Have you ever seen a guy undergoing a makeover to get popular? Haha – that would be laughed upon. A man’s makeover merely involves getting a new hairstyle.

For decades women’s fashion has all been about impressing the opposite sex. All about showing your curves and bearing your skin.Bikinis are hot. Hot pants look cool.A girl in slacks and baggy tops is an eyesore. Nobody wants to date her. Even though the timid youngster doesn’t realize it, this world is predominantly male. Fashion too revolves around what men want to see.

Models and fashion celebs are aware of it even though they don’t always let it on. Don’t you think it’s about time that we change this ideology. You don’t have to show cleavage, you don’t have to bare your shoulders nor do you have to wear short skirts to a winter date. We are getting there, but are not quite there yet. The celebrities too wear an occasional tuxedo to create a buzz and then get back to their routine of thigh high slits and plunging necklines. Because it is what the masses want to see.

In the meanwhile, I will wear what I like to wear. I will cover up if that’s what I like or maybe I won’t. Either way, what I want to say is that your style should not be about society’s pre-defined notions. It should be about what you feel and how you feel. Here’s hoping that you feel the same. Until later folks.



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