Shopping: Picking out an outfit

I buy that awesome top that was the center of attraction at the store.

“It’s different from what I usually wear…but it’s so beautiful. Hm. That’s okay, I can pull it off. The last of my savings will be spent on this masterpiece. Yay! I am super excited to wear it”. 

“It’s my friend’s birthday party and I am so wearing my new top.”

I put it on, “Crap, this skirt doesn’t go with it. I thought that it would. Dang. It doesn’t go with this skirt either. Uh oh.”

I pull off the shirt and grab my old, tested and tried outfit and slip into it with ease. I hop off to the party feeling good and guilty all at the same time.

As for the top, it gets gradually shoved to the back of my closet and is eventually forgotten.

Is it just me that had such an experience? This is what happens when I try to go out of my way to try something new. Experiment is the word. More like a failed experiment.

So, what I have gathered with all those years of experimenting and all those forgotten masterpieces lying in my closet is this – buy with an outfit in your mind. When you are buying a new top, make a mental note of what bottom you are going to wear with it. Also, think of the accessories, jewellery and shoes that will go with it. Because if you don’t do this, most probably you will end up buying everything to go with that top later when you realize that you don’t have anything that goes.

The above is just one thing that goes awry while shopping. Here are some tips to help you shop and avoid further mishaps and wastage of money.

tip number 1: Buy complete outfits

Try to buy whole outfits and not single pieces when you decide to deviate from your usual style. (Unless it’s just another top that you will wear over your old pair of denims). Because chances are that your current clothes won’t go with this new style that you are buying.

tip number 2 – Keep images of your outfits on your mobile:

Keep your pieces of clothing at the back of your mind while shopping. Better yet, keep images of your outfits on your mobile for your shopping trip. This way you can avoid buying duplicates or complete mismatches.

tip number 3 – Carry your garment to the store:

If you are looking for something to match to an existing piece that you have, always carry it with you to the store and wear it while trying on the new top/ bottom that you are about to buy. This will give you an instant picture of how the top will fare whether or not it’s beautiful by itself.

tip number 4 – Take a picture in the trial room:


When you try on an outfit, always take a long shot picture on your mobile. Pictures speak a lot and can give you a clear image of how you look from afar. Frumpy or sleek, pictures show it all. If you don’t have anyone to take a pic, just use the trial room mirrors to get a long shot yourself.

Following these tips have really made me a savvy shopper. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me. That’s all for now. Catch you all later!


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