Dressing to your man’s whim? Think again.

Every time I see my old photos, I wonder why I look so bad in some, while I look great in others. That’s when it struck me. On days that I wore what I love and feel comfortable in, I looked great. Other days when my husband controlled my dressing, yes you got that right, I looked dreadful.

Being a fashionista doesn’t just mean dressing fashionably. It also means having a defined style of your own that you are most comfortable in. Take your own time to figure it out, but when you do, stick to it and don’t let anyone influence you otherwise. More importantly, never let the men in your life influence the way you dress.

True, we love to dress up for our man. Wear what he likes. Avoid what he dislikes. That’s all great. But when your man decides to micro manage your shopping and what you wear  all the time, it’s a red alert.

Men often have a very skewed vision of what their wife/girlfriend should wear. There are the kind that say, “That dress is not sexy enough” and on the other hand there are the kind that say, “Don’t wear that, it is too revealing” (which is the case with most Indian men).

I have my hubby asking me to dress up bright and colourful. He hates black clothes. And, my wardrobe is full of blacks and whites. This puts me in a real fix. In the end, I came up  with a solution to make him happy and retain my style at the same time. I started to add bright accessories to my outfits. Either a bright jacket, scarf or shoes. It made us both happy.

The thing is, men have certain notions of what they like, but they have no perception of what looks good on whom. They probably see something on tv or in the movies and tell you that you’ll look awesome in the same, and you end up looking like a hot mess when you do. But think again before compromising on your style quotient. Remind your hubby that every woman is not the same and that you have your own defined style that you have developed over years of experimenting of what you feel best in.

Of course there are those men that have an amazing sense of style. I am not saying that there aren’t. But, take their suggestion only if you feel comfortable in it. If they are constantly trying to change the way you dress up, take your stand and make them understand that they shouldn’t mess with your dress sense.

That’s it for now. See y’all later.


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