Choker Check

This year’s s/s16 collection has been abuzz with the 90s choker style which has made it’s come back in a big way. Celebrities and fashionistas everywhere are sporting it.


Top in the list of our Desi fashionistas is none other than Sonam Kapoor. I officially christen Sonam Kapoor as the Choker queen. She has been seen sporting chokers since long before they became the newest fashion fad. And I absolutely love her for it!


She’s can be seen wearing chokers ranging from traditional to contemporary.


She was also spotted looking pretty in a choker style gown during the Cannes Film Festival 2016. The gown according to me was OTT, but that’s a discussion for another time. For now let’s just stick to the choker part of it.

Reality Check!

Chokers are so hot. We all love them. We love to flaunt them…

Sure that’s all hunky dory. But, wearing it in reality. How feasible are they? How good do they really look? More importantly…how not to look like a dog in a collar? So, here are some ways that you can avoid looking like one.

tip number one:

Keep it simple. Don’t over accessorize when you are wearing a choker. It can made you look overburdened.

tip number 2:

Keep it sleek. Keep the top, hair and you overall look sleek. It will make you look more put together and more 2016 or you run the risk of looking more like the 90s.

tip number 3:

Keep you make-up natural. It will help you keep it real.

tip number 4:

Keep your neckline detail free and as wide as possible. Chokers look best nestled on top of your beautiful collarbone.

tip number 5:

Keep your neck straight and avoid hunching if you really want to show off that choker.

The verdict is that chokers are super wearable and chic if worn just right.

Now you are all set to go my lovelies. Until next time. Muah!


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