A Trendy Trot

I feel great about starting my new blog, but I’m a little jittery too. I hope to have a lasting journey with this blog. So, here goes my first post about what it feels like to be a Desi fashionista on an Indian street.

Hunting for that perfect mango yellow dupatta (Not a hue up, not a hue down). Complying with family morals and still managing to flaunt style in trendy kurtis. Paying rapt attention to Bollywood for fashion cues – be it Deepika’s sassy style or Sonam Kapoor’s trendy fashion, we just can’t get enough of either. We dream of owning that beautiful bollywood wedding lehenga. When everything is said and done, we like to flip through Vogue and Harper’s bazaar to build an even more beautiful fashion dream. Haven’t we all been there?

And what happens next is, I dive into that dream, get dressed up and walk out onto those potholed, crowded Indian streets…

Yes, we have all been there.

We trot ever so carefully in our stilettos, careful not to step in garbage while dodging those pani puri vendors. We hold up our maxi skirt making sure it doesn’t get stained in a dirty puddle. Not to forget, the sun burns on our shoulders from wearing the ever so fashionable tank top. In other words – Complete Chaos!

This is precisely the result of stocking up on the latest fashion fads mindlessly (which I am guilty of committing countless times). So, it’s about time that we made fashion Indian street friendly…Let’s help each other do it. What say folks?


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